one division

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Schantz (2014)  “A Young Scholar’s Guide to Building a Professional Network” article,  review theOite .

In  your initial post, identify one division related to your career  interest that you would consider joining and one specific job related to  that division. Conduct a search on your chosen job usin.  Briefly elaborate on the information provided on the job you searched,  and be sure to include educational requirements, duties, future outlook,  and salaries related to the position. Use the Internet to search for  and compile information about the leading employer prospects for this  position in your geographical area. Compare and contrast the compiled  information with that from O* Net. Include expected duties, number of  job offerings found, educational requirements, job experience, and  salary levels where applicable. Analyze psychology as a profession and  assess the role the APA could play in aiding you in the development of a  professional network. Briefly detail an initial plan for building your  professional network as well as obtaining your selected job.

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