children and adolescents.

Culture is a broad term that includes religion, ethnicity, country, and race. It is also often thought that culture explains the behavior of large groups of people, for example, Western culture. Yet if you were to travel to various parts of the United States or Europe, you would experience very different cultures as you travel. Although culture influences the development of the individuals living within that culture, there remains significant diversity.

This week, you will examine the influence of culture on the development of children and adolescents. Specifically, you will read critiques of traditional developmental models that emphasize cultural influence on development as well as the role children and adolescents play on the development of culture and diversity.

Write a one-page description of your Final Project topic. In your description, be sure to include a preliminary rationale for further investigating the topic. Also, explain how further investigation of the topic and dissemination of the learning you gain might promote positive social change.

Assignment can be based on diversity and contemporary developmental theories

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