Wellness, Mental Health and Nutrition

1. In this week’s discussion, please answer the following questions:

1) What are 3 mental disorders? Tell me about them and how they affect a persons well being. What drugs can be used to help these disorders?

2) What are ways to get help if you feel you have a mental disorder? For example; depression.

3) What are some mental disorder/actions that harm a person. for example: hearing voices. There are many disorders that a patient really do hurt themselves.

In answering the questions, please put the information into paragraph form. Please do not simply provide one word answers.

* Please no plagiarism. Don’t forget citation.

2. From the book do the following questions

  • Assignment 5.1: Chapter 7: End of Chapter Review Questions 1,4,5,6, & 10
  • Assignment 5.2: Chapter 15: End of Chapter Review Questions 1,4,7,8, & 9
  • Assignment 5.3: Chapter 16: End of Chapter Review Questions 1,6,7,8, & 9

For each question, write the question, your answer, and an explanation in your own words.

Thank you!

Answer have to be from the book. Minimum four sentences from each question. In MW document.



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Thank you

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