Vitamin D Supplements and Prevention of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Paper

Critical thinking is a life long practice and a habit that will serve us well when we make it part of our everyday decision making process of what and who to believe.

Part 1 – Personal Reflection (100 word minimum response)

Begin this assignment by thinking back to your thoughts/view point/ideas about critical thinking from the start of our class.

Has your thoughts and ideas regarding critical thinking changed at all? If they have changed, how or why do you think that is? If they have remained the same throughout the class, can you dig a little deeper and share why that is? Write a minimum of 100 words to respond to this first before starting the second part.

Part 2 – Critiquing a New Resource (150 word minimum response in total for Part 2)

Refer/Think back to our previous work with The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking here. Then find one article of your choosing, that is new to you that have you have not read before, that is on the topic of human nutrition. The goal of this assignment is to critique this new article on nutrition, so you do not have to use a reputable article for this one assignment. But if you do use a questionable article, I want to see why you think it lacks strength and validity. Make sure to choose an article that is long enough for you to critique.

Once you find your article (it can be a primary or secondary source, your choice), I want you to choose one question per color coded row from The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking and answer it based on your article. You will have answered a total of six questions about your article at the completion of this assignment.

Submit a link to your article, the questions you chose and your specific answers here by the deadline.

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