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This assigned for Njosh tutor.2 works for 2 people.Select 2 questions to answer.You must answer ONE question about Gilgamesh and The Tempest (questions 1 and 3) and ONE question about Things Fall Apart (questions 2 and 4).1- Use events, themes, and important secondary characters to compare the respective psychological journeys that Gilgamesh and Prospero take. Be sure to include a discussion of the outcomes of each character’s journey and what that outcome implies for the entire narrative.2- Explain, in detail, 2 decisions that Okonkwo made which contributed to his downfall and why they were important.3- Compare the loss of power which both Caliban and Gilgamesh experience.4- Compare the ways in which women and men fulfill different roles in Igbo culture in Things Fall Apart.I attached a full book for”Thing fall apart”.The due is on Tuesday 10/17/2017 at 18.00 PM evening, in the central time zone Dallas, USA.

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