Reading and Studying Literature

instructions :1.  Answer both questions on the exam paper. Each question will be graded out of 25 marks.All answers should be in standard essay format:  Start with a thesis, develop a critical discussion in the body paragraphs, provide specific and appropriate examples, then end with a conclusion. Analyze and discuss the examples, and define all important terms.Refer to relevant critical theory to support your argument.The word count for each essay should range from 650-700 words.Edit your answers paying attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.Cross out any notes you make which you do not want to be considered.Answer the following questions:Q1.  Percy Shelley is a second generation Romantic poet who was deeply interested in radical politics and in reforming society. Discuss the above statement in light of your critical analysis of two of his selected poems in the textbook, The Romantics and the Victorians.Q2. In Hoffmann’s story ‘The Sandman,’ the difficulty of distinguishing reality from illusion is an important theme. Discuss it in relation to Nathanael’s delusion and his fatal memory. Provide critical insight throughout your discussion. Support your discussion with specific examples from the text.

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