Script Analysis Paper between 5 and 8 pages ,due tomorrow noon.

The entire document should end up being between 5 and 8 pages.Create an initial response document around The Monster in the Hall.The article needs to consist of the following parts:2 – 3 positive reflections on the work, 5 – 7 sentences each.2 – 3 reflections on challenging moments in the work, 5 – 7 sentences each.1 crack/thread, detailing how you gain access to/understanding of the play,10 –14 sentences maximum, 5 – 7 sentences minimum.4 – 5 concretes, 1 sentence each.4 – 5 A/V moments, 1 sentence each.1 synthesis, 10 – 15 sentences.There will be two attachments here, please read them carefully.Attachment 1: What are the things called positive reflections, challenging reflections, A/V, synthesis. And examples.Attachment 2: The content of The Monster in the Hall.

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