Draft and Bibliography

Research Paper: Students will have to choose two different religions, and research, compare, and contrast one element that appears in both religions. For example, you can compare a myth of creation in the two religions,  a founder,  deities, rituals, scriptures, dietary laws, etc. You will have to use scholarly sources for this assignment, no websites or Wikipedia articles will be accepted. You will have to schedule a consultation with the professor in order to get your topic approved and make sure you can find sources. Topic needs to be approved by 9/23, or points will be deducted you’re your draft. You will be able to sign up in Canvas for an appointment in the “Course Resources” module.In the draft and Bibliography you have to present all the findings of your research. The findings should come from at least 5 different scholarly sources. Wikipedia, websites, and the textbook are not accepted sources for this assignment. You have to write your findings in a clear and organized way. You can write a short introduction, but no thesis is required at this time. The analysis and conclusion will be part of your final essay, not the draft.Remember that the topic must have been approved by me prior to your submission. For that you should have made an appointment to see me.Make sure to cite your bibliography at the end and cite your sources correctly in the body of the essay. You can use MLA or Chicago style. The MLA handbook is posted in the class resources module.The essay has two components:Bibliography and draft: Should be 1000-1500 words

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