For this week’s discussion post, you have two options:

For this week’s discussion post, you have two options:Option #1: What Are You Writing For?In this Walden University writing center blog post, Ellen Zamarripa explains how the academic writing skills you’re developing in school transfer to the workplace.Read the post here:, comment on how writing plays a part in your academic, professional, and/or personal life.Your post must be at least 200 words.  Give specific examples to support your claims.Option #2: #WhyIWriteThe National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) launched the #WhyIWrite campaign to promote the National Day on Writing.Explore the #WhyIWrite website here:, create a series of social media posts using the hashtag #WhyIWrite.  Note the social media platform that the post is intended for (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  Be sure to adhere to conventions of that platform.  For example, if you plan to post to Twitter, keep the post under 140 characters.  If you plan to post to Instagram, a photo should carry the weight of your message.Include at least three potential posts for full credit on the assignment.

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