Outline Critical Thinking Paper

InstructionsIn order to write your paper more efficiently, you will first write an outline to help you organize your thoughts.Please post as a Microsoft Word document, Times New Roman 12 pt, 1″ margins. 1-2 pagesFollow the example below:I. Introduction: (please see attachment “New Pitch”)Topic Context: (please see attachment “New Pitch”)Thesis Statement:  Your thesis statement must state what your paper investigates. : (please see attachment “New Pitch”)II. BodyA. Argument 1Argument summary:Quotes from source and primary material:Transition:B. Argument 2Argument summary:Quotes from source and primary material:Transition:C. Argument 3Argument summary:Quotes from source and primary material:III. ConclusionSummary and final analysis of findings:Possible opening to other questions related to the same topic (optional):Bibliography (MLA format)Reminder: you should have at least 2 sources.

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