Assignment on Morte d’Arthur

These are the questions that need to be answered.Who warns Lancelot not to go to the queen?Who led the knights who caught Lancelot & Guinevere?Why can’t Lancelot fight them at first?What does he do so he can fight?What is the result of the fight?What is the sentence against Guinevere?Who tries to carry it out?What happens when they try to carry out the sentence?King Arthur has a dream the night before the final battle – He is riding high on the Wheel of Fortune, but is cast down in a pit of snakes. Fortune was fickle & could “turn” on you. If you depend on it, it will let you down.Gawain shows up in a vision. He may be dead, but he’s still surrounded by pretty women, that is, fair ladies. What’s he advise Arthur to do to avoid death?____________________Does Arthur take his advise?Who helps Arthur as he dies?What is Arthur’s dying request?How many times does it take to fulfill the request?What is the translation for “Hic iacet Arthurus, rex quondam, rexque futurus” ?Malory identifies 2 traditional ends for Arthur. What are they? (Hint – they are similar to the possible ends for Elvis.)__________________________________________________________________Lancelot goes to see Guinevere, but she’s already dead. He took so long to get there because he’s too weak to go fast. He is in the process of starving himself to death. What we might see as anorexia, the medieval writers saw as mortification of the flesh, i.e., killing the flesh to save the soul. Lancelot’s last battle is with his own flesh, the flesh that brought ruin on Camelot. As always, he wins the battle. What do the angels do with Lancelot?Here is an additional link that could have more information. should come from the Book XX VolumeII

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