Reflection Paper 2 (for Hifsa Shakaut)

1. Describe the “Patchwork Metropolis”. What drives it?  Why is it a serious concern? (You should find the answer in Chp 7 in the book of “The New Urban Crisis”, see attachment)2. Per Florida, what is “slumurbia”. (This is word is in Chp 8, starting on page 153 “The New Urban Crisis” book. See attachment)3. Florida argues that the conventional notion of “gentrification” relative to the new urban crisis is a bit of a red herring.  How does he define gentrification, it causes and effects, and why does Florida think it is a red herring? (This you should find the answer in Chp 4 starting on page 57 “The New Urban Crisis” book, see attachment)4. What is eminent domain, how do you see it as a tool for economic development and what liabilities/excesses are inherent in it? (You should find the answer in Chp 42 – Chp 45 in the book of “Eminent Domain and Economic Growth”, the link is What are your thoughts about the current immigration “crisis” at the southern border, and how do you see immigrants as a factor, or not, in the “new urban crisis”. (You should find the answer in Chp 38 – 41 in the book of “Immigration and America’s Cities, the link is Green describes some successful uses of “Smart cities” technology, such as Johnson County, Kansas.  Why and how was this successful? (You should find the answer in Chp 7 in the book of “Smart Enough City, the kindle book. You should have the app already)Note: Make sure your answers to the questions come from the reading. You can use other sources as well to support your answer. Write 3 pages, double space, use in-text citation, 12 fonts and Time RomanBook References:Florida, Richard (2017). The New Urban Crisis, Basic Books.Ben Green (2019). The Smart Enough City: Putting Technology in its Place To Reclaim Our Urban Future, MIT PressGonzalez, Joaquin Jay and Kemp, Roger L. (2016) Immigration and America’s Cities. McFarland and Co. Publishers.Gonzalez, Joaquin Jay, Kemp, Roger L., and Rosenthal, Jonathan (2018). Eminent Domain and Economic Growth. McFarland and Co. Publishers

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