Five different discussion questions

Look at the lyrics of a song by rock band like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Doors or any band you listen to today. Give the name of the group/artist and song, and explain the Romanticism you see there. What is “Romantic” in the literarary definition of the term?In Pushkin’s “The Queen of Spades,” magical elements abound, but is there anything in this story that cannot be explained logically? Give an example of one of these faux-magical elements.Compare Flaubert’s description of the old Duke in Chapter 8 of Madame Bovary with Pushkin’s description of the Countess in Chapter 2 of The Queen of Spades. How do these passages comment on the privileges of the aristocracy?In “The Overcoat,” Nikolai Gogol combines humor and pathos in a subtle blend. Give an example of a passage from the story that is both funny and sad.How does the opening sentence of Part 2 of The Death of Ivan Ilyich sum up the theme of the story?  Does Ivan die in despair? Why not? When does his life take its redemptive turn?

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