Music written discussion

Please answer two of these four music questions.  Length for each, 100 – 150 words.For practice with the elements of music, choose from the slides or your own storehouse of knowledge to describe and discuss four specific songs, each of which focuses mainly on one of the following elements: a) rhythm, b) melody, c) harmony, d) symphony, and e) orchestration.To understand jazz and avant-garde, listen to a piece of accomplished improvisational work such as John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things.”My Favorite Things Compare it to the version of the same song from The Sound of Music.The Sound of MusicUsing either your own vocabulary, or the elements of music from the chapter and the slides, write about what modern music does with melody, tone, or rhythm, etc.Name a current musical group that you believe deserves recognition in the humanities. In a brief persuasive essay, explain why, using specific reasons and examples to support your claim. Include links to the group’s music in your essay.Sent from my iPhoneAttachments areaPreview YouTube video My Favorite Things – John Coltrane [FULL VERSION] HQMy Favorite Things – John Coltrane [FULL VERSION] HQPreview YouTube video My Favorite Things – Julie AndrewsMy Favorite Things – Julie Andrews

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