treatment and intervention

The following are examples of various offender populations: users of illicit substances, juveniles/adults who commit homicide, juvenile/adult sexual offenders, dually diagnosed offenders, perpetrators of domestic violence, and gang members. You may choose one of the above-noted offender groups or you may choose a population that is not listed; however, the population must be approved by your instructor.

While you are choosing your paper topic, please keep in mind that you need to be able to locate and review professional journal articles related to the specific offender population and treatment modalities. This may help guide your search.

The first part of the research paper is a literature review on the specific offender population and treatment intervention(s) you choose and will be 7-10 pages in length. The review will be an analysis and summary of current (the past ten years) professional journal articles, government reports, and/or book chapters that relate to your topic. It is expected that you will use and cite 8-10 references. More specifically, you should cover the following topics in this part of the research paper:

1.Describe the nature and type of offender population. Current demographical characteristics and crime statistics should be included.

2.Explain what treatment modalities have shown to be effective in the treatment of the population. Are there treatment modalities that have been proven to be ineffective with the population?

3.Identify what challenges faced by treatment providers regarding the rehabilitation of offenders or of obtaining the necessary treatment for offenders in an institutional setting?

4.Identify what challenges face the offenders. Are the same challenges faced by both juvenile and adult offenders? Identify and explain the current rehabilitation needs of the population within criminal justice system.

The second part of the research paper focuses on issues of crime control related to your specific offender population. This part of the paper should be 6-8 pages in length. Are there any key legal cases whose outcomes have helped shape legislation related to how this offender population is treated with regard to prosecuting and sentencing? Explain what traditional policing modalities are used in apprehending this offender population. Explain what alternative policing methods and community policing methods would also assist in crime control related to this population. Identify approaches in crime control that could be implemented by households, schools, and the community as a whole. This section also requires you to use critical thinking skills and to analyze your population as they move through the criminal justice system; therefore, part of this section of the paper will also include your opinion and reactions to the readings.

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