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tidy person

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One person has an expectation (but doesn’t let the other person know what the expectation is) and when that expectation is not met, a break-up can happen.

For example, one person is very tidy, keeps a clean kitchen and never leaves dishes in the sink.  The other person just moved out of their parent’s home and never had to wash a dish or even think about cleaning a dish.  The couple lives together, and the tidy person thinks that tidiness should be on everyone’s agenda, but it’s not.

The tidy person stresses over dirty dishes because the expectation was not communicated to their partner, that they like a clean kitchen with no dishes in the sink. I know this is a little elementary, but is just an example of expecting something to happen that will never happen. Unmet expectations will only drive you and your partner away from each other, so communicate expectations and compromise if your expectation is too much for the other person to handle.


A factor for me that may lead to the breakup of my relationship would be trust.  Trust for me is an important factor to maintain a healthy relationship. When you have trust in your partner you have the confidence in the relationship, and know that they’re reliable and you can dependent on them. Trust is one of the foundations of my relationship, without trust you don’t feel a sense of security, loyalty, and confidence. Without trust any relationship will be shaky and eventually fail.

Communication can definitely save a relationship. The success of any relationship is effective communication, our ability to communicate well with each other. Communication allows us to support each other, make decisions together, and be open and honest. Without communication in a relationship it would be almost impossible for your relationship to survive.

3.  How can having knowledge of social psychology benefit you in your current (or future) occupation? Also, can you think of areas in which social psychology may have no apparent application?  If so, brainstorm about ways that social psychology can be applied to even these areas.

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