‘The universe

Self-Discovery Assignment – (5-7 pages, double spaced)

‘The universe is made up of stories, not atoms’ as written by Muriel Rukseyser.  Our identities are best understood when expressed narratively – who we are in the world, how we became who we are, and how we make meaning of our experiences.  As a Social Psychologist, I believe people have many stories that constitute their-selves, stories evolve over time as the present constructs and reconstructs the past.  In this assignment, you are required to discover your-self, as you reconstruct your journey from your first psychology course to the last one (4884) (Be sure to include the theories, theorists, concepts, paradigms, ideas and core learning from your psychology classes). This paper is a narrative of your experiences that have contributed to who you are as you prepare to ‘face the real world’.  Be as detailed and inclusive as possible.


*THE PAPER IS ABOUT ME… I can help you with key points about myself before writing the paper & give you the classes/theorists that I took up*

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