The structure of a scientific article review

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The structure of a scientific article review

article reviewIt is not always possible for a young writer to publish his article review in a serious publication. As a rule, their editors are very scrupulous about the quality of the material that claims to be printed. They will consider work from young professionals only if there is a response. The same happens with methodological developments, practical recommendations drawn up by graduate students. What should be the structure of a review of an article to qualify for approval for publication or implementation?

Who writes article review and why?

This assignment is assigned to senior researchers or supervisors of the author. The main thing is that it was a scientific, aim point of view, as well as a clear assessment of the work. Thus, a conclusion is given about whether the article is suitable for publication. It is important that the structure of the review of the article is respected. This will allow you to see the main points without delving into a long reading.

Article review can be written on the following types of work:

  • Diploma projects, Ph.D., etc.
  • Science articles;
  • Research in the framework of large scientific projects;
  • Practical and methodological recommendations for students or learners;
  • Popular science publications for the respective editions.

The expert’s assessment allows you to determine how these publications correspond to reality. Its practical or scientific value, etc. To simplify the work of an editor or a methodological commission, a review should draw up according to a certain plan.

How to write an article review correctly?

First of all, it is important to remember about objectivity. The reviewer is obliged to read the text, to make an expert impression about it. After reading the materials, he draws up a review. In general, the structure of an article review looks like this:

  • Heading information. The title of the work, information about the author, his academic degree, position, etc.;
  • Description of the problematic issue, which the article covers. These data are given shortly;
  • Assessment of the urgency of the problem. To what extent the topics raised in the text need consider it for this period, the expediency of analyzing the problem in principle;
  • Key theses, important ideas voiced by the author. It is important to highlight the most significant points that relate to the research, as well as the solution of the problem;

article reviewInformation about the reviewer himself, including position, academic degree, titles, etc.

Writing an article review is always a responsibility, since not only the reputation of a publication. Also, institution, author or critic depends on the correct description. An article can influence the formation of a majority opinion, especially if it plans to be published in a reputable publication. If the supervisor has difficulties with writing or there is a banal lack of time, you can find a way out. For example, writing a review about a scientific article can delegate to a bet or ordered. For Sample Click Here

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