The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker

Reflection Paper

Objective/Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Spelling (0 Points)

Contains more than 5 spelling mistakes

(5 points)

Contains 2-5 spelling mistakes

(10 points)

Contains 1 or fewer spelling mistakes

Understanding of sensory loss and language development (5 points)

Give a description of Helen’s sensory loss and how the sensory loss possibly occurred. Did she receive any treatment for her sensory loss?

(5 points)

Describe examples of heightened sensory awareness in other senses as portrayed by the actress and how Helen had adapted to her environment before the Ms. Sullivan arrived.

(10 points) Level 2+

Describe how Helen might have “babbled” (this would be after Ms. Sullivan began the “finger game”. How is this similar to infant “babble”?

Gender Roles observed in the film (5 points)

Describe some gender role expectations in the film.

(5 points)

Give examples of gender role portrayal in the film.

(10 points) Level 2 +

Describe why you think it was important to Ms. Keller that Helen “folded her napkin”.

Identification of parenting style of Helen’s parents (5 points)

Give few examples of how Helen’s parents “parent” her.

(5 points)

Identify the parenting style(s) of Helen’s parents and gives supporting examples; Observations of positive or negative punishment; positive or negative reinforment

(10 points) Level 2+

Describes Helen’s behavior as a result of her parent’s style of parenting. Describes how Ms. Sullivan disciplines Helen (a parenting style) and give examples of how Helen responds initially and ultimately.

Understanding of Association and Operant Conditioning; Learning and Memory (5 points)

Discuss Helen’s use of language before her illness. (Receptive/Productive)

Describe the role of memory in her ability to regain language.

(5 points)

Defines Operant Condition and association. Give examples from the movie of positive and negative reinforcement

(15 points)

Discusses affects of positive and negative reinforcement as they pertain to Helen’s behavior and ability to learn. Describes the problems of Helen’s early learning (association). Give an opinion re: Helen’s learning (is it operant conditioning or learning by observation (imitation?)). Give examples supporting each from the movie.

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