Sustainability Audit

Finalize and present your Sustainability Audit by integrating the research, the interview(s), and your chosen organization’s mission and vision. — LAC+USC Medical Center

Write a 7- to 10-page Sustainability Audit on the organization you selected. You may include diagrams, flow charts, and other visuals. You must include the following:

  • Overview of sustainability in health care
  • What is sustainability in health care?
  • Explain challenges to becoming a sustainable health care organization.
  • Analyze successful sustainability practices in health care organizations.
  • Overview of the organization you have selected
  • Evaluate the organization’s mission and vision statements.
  • Discuss what sustainability practices are present.
  • Evaluation of the organization’s sustainability opportunities
  • Using the matrix you created from Week Five, discuss barriers and benefits for each opportunity.
  • Discuss possible innovative solutions
  • Analyze how it contributes to the sustainability efforts of the health care organization.

Include the following in the appendices:

  • Annotated bibliography
  • What you learned from your interview (apply insight from the interview to your chosen organization)

Note: Do not include the appendices in your page count.

Attached is the Sustainability Draft

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