Strengths and Weaknesses



Professional Development Plan

Kiara Bonds

Student ID: A01014949

Program: Ms in Human Services

Specialization: General

Professional Development Plan

Part 1: Professional Goals

Professional Introduction

I am a MS. student pursuing Human services, my academic goals are acquiring knowledge and skills required to effectively serve the clients, access resources and provide services that support people in the society. I am also aiming at developing skills in communication, direct service delivery, and human services organization administration. Additionally, I also have some goals in the human service professionals are enabling members to live more productive and satisfying lives, by use of the society’s norms, available resources, and technical innovations. In the course of my career I expect to carry the following professional and personal efforts into my future works; comprehending the essence of human systems, this includes personal group, organization, and communities and their main interaction. Being aware of the conditions which help or limit excellent performance and class alteration from the desired working in the main human systems. Finding out interventions that boost growth and goals achievements. (What are human services? n.d.).

Professional and Academic Background

I have a postgraduate degree in human services, with these qualifications I have a great chance of securing a chance in the agency and then being promoted within the same organization concerning my educational background. Upon acquiring my Bachelor’s degree I worked as a Child Service Professional at a community-based organization.

Goal Statements and Their Relation to Academic Research

At the end of this study, I expect to meet my goals as a professional human service officer. This is because through academic research I will be able to acquire critical thinking skills, through this I will have the ability to think creative ideas concerning my goals Academic research will also help me to gain knowledge which will assist me in performing my duties. Also, academic research will help me create a balance between collaborative work and individual work.

Reflection of Walden’s Mission Statement

One of my goals is to enable the members of society to live a better more productive and satisfying life. This goal goes hand in hand with Walden university mission since it aims at instilling their students with skills that can impact the society with positive changes. The institutions aim at transforming at gives the learners with a diverse community of career professionalism which may aid in me gaining enough competence in my career. (Walden University, 2018).

Attainment of the Advanced Degree Related to Goals

Through the excellent studies offered at Walden, I am sure that I will attain my study goals. The university takes academic research very seriously, this research may help me in attaining my goals. I chose to do my study at Walden University since it has convenient time management, it provided a favorable context for me since I am working and I as well require to balance work and the demands of schools. (7 Benefits of a virtual classroom, n.d.).

Part 2: Educational Background and Research Proficiency

Academic Coursework in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

In the course of my study, I have been able to acquire knowledge and competencies in the following field;

· Social and human service personnel

· Drug and substance abuse intern

· Society outreach

· Family advocate

Academic Coursework in Other Fields

· Outclass experiences which provide a platform to engage with health and education experts.

· Involvement in a health club which had aimed at helping people in the community live better lives.

· Professional conference presentations and talks.

Professional Presentations, Seminars, Training, and Workshops

· I underwent training on effective handling conflict, providing feedback and engaging in difficult employees.

· I did a community presentation in a seminar where I talked to society about the problems and action plans of the community.

· I went through a short course in a team performance which equipped with knowledge and skills to work with a team and produce good results.

· I attended a workshop in conflict resolutions and negotiation skills.

Volunteer Work

I once volunteered to serve as a mental health and drug abuse social worker intern in a community-based organization. I would mentor people with substance and drug abuse problems as well as serve people with mental illnesses.

Past Research, Publications, and Teaching Assignments

· I researched on how drug abuse has impacted the youths in California.

· I also researched ways to improve the living standards of the poor in California.

Access to Research Materials

In my graduate study, I will access the online databases such as the Walden University’s online library where I will access online books. I’ll also access other online academic websites where I will search for the required information. Also, I’ll use the available local variable where I will borrow books when required.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Academic and Research 

Some of the strengths of research are that it enhances self-learning, a better understanding of a given topic it as well as aids in ensuring that the researchers identify things that are associated with a topic. However research has its limitations such as some of the sources may drop the study before finishing, some of the sources of information may try to participate in the same study more than once and it is also hard to find out which interpretation is the best. (Claire, 2015).


I believe I am ready for the graduate study since I am aware of what I am going to achieve after the studies as well as that which is required to be successful at the end of the study. I also believe that I have just enough time to study as well as the finance required for me to take up this study.



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