Stokely Carmichael

Due April 20, 2019

Format: 1 to 2 page, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Use 1 primary source, 1 secondary source, and the “Awakenings” episode of Eyes on The Prize

Primary Sources:

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Watch the video of Eyes on the Prize

Malcolm X, “Appeal to African Heads of State” (Blackboard)

Secondary Sources:

Dagbovie, “God Has Spared Me to Tell My Story” (Blackboard)

Peniel Joseph “Revolution in Babylon: Stokely Carmichael and America in the 1960s” (Blackboard)

Discuss the development of the Black Freedom Struggle. What were some key moments and people? Who does the documentary focus on? What is the argument in the King or Malcolm X sources? Who are they appealing to? In the secondary source material, Dagbovie and Joseph discuss two figures involved in the self-defense wing of the Black Freedom Struggle. How does self-defense emerge? How does it figure in Williams or Carmichael’s lives?

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