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Topic: State Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Professional Counseling for the state of Virginia

Question/Prompt: For this assignment, you will learn how to access your state board of counseling website. An important part of being a licensed professional is knowing the laws and regulations that govern what you can and cannot do in your state. All licensed professionals are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules and regulations that pertain to professional counseling. To complete this assignment, you will need to access your state board of counseling website. You can easily do this by searching online for your state website(Virginia). Once you are at your state’s website, look for your state’s rules and regulations related to professional counseling. Look under tabs with titles such as “rules and regulations,” “laws governing professional counseling,” or “statutes/rules.” Open the document and read through the statutes/rules for professional counseling that relate to your state.

For your thread, summarize 3 statutes/rules for your state that you find interesting. At the bottom of your thread, you MUST provide a direct link to your state’s statutes and rules.

State of Virginia

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