SPCollege Healthcare Administration Jack Treatment Plans Case Studies

SPCollege Healthcare Administration Jack Treatment Plans Case Studies

For the Case Study, Problem List & Treatment Planning Assignment, you will be asked to generate two case studies of hypothetical, typical clients (one female, one male). You will be asked to develop problem/resource lists for these hypothetical clients and you will be asked to develop treatment plans, consisting of specific, objective and measurable goals. The assignment should be written using Microsoft Word. See the Sample Case Study in this lesson for an example, but yours should be more comprehensive. The narrative case study should be at least one page. There should be at least 5 identified problems and 5 identified treatment plan goals for each hypothetical client. You are to make-up the information, do not use actual people.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME with this one and make sure there is plenty of narrative (story).

Sample Case Study

Jack was recently assessed by your outpatient treatment program. He is a

45 year old
male with a long history of alcohol dependence. He has never seriously attempted sobriety in his life, other than brief periods of abstinence based on will-power only, followed by a return to drinking. He has never attended an AA or NA meeting. He is single, unemployed and homeless. He has been staying at various homes of friends and acquaintances, but everyone in his circle abuses alcohol. He has no acute health problems.

(Note from instructor: Reminder, I am expecting MUCH MORE NARRATIVE than shown above. I am asking for one full page of client’s “story” before continuing to the problem list and treatment plan.)

Problem List

Problem #1: Alcohol dependent. Cannot maintain abstinence from alcohol.

Problem #2: Homeless

Problem #3: No social support for sobriety

Problem #4: Unemployed

Goal 1: Maintain Abstinence from Alcohol

Objectives for Goal 1:

  • Participate in the substance abuse treatment program
  • Read about relapse prevention and complete a relapse prevention plan
  • Attend education

    about the disease model and recovery/relapse

Goal 2: Find stable, supportive housing

Objectives for Goal 2:

  • Review a list of shelters and sober halfway houses
  • Call appropriate shelters and sober halfway houses
  • Visit/Interview at appropriate shelters and sober halfway houses
  • Secure lodging at an appropriate shelter or sober halfway house

Goal 3: Build social support for recovery

  • Attend AA meetings and find a sponsor
  • Obtain phone numbers from AA members and call at least one daily
  • Attend a sober event, like an AA dance or conference

Goal 4: Seek employment

  • Prepare a resume
  • Practice job interview skills with counselor
  • Search “Want ad’s” in newspaper
  • Register with Monster.com
  • Obtain appropriate clothes for interview
  • Schedule interviews
  • Go on job interviews

Note that each problem is found in the assessment, and each problem is met with a goal to address it. The chart should always flow from the

to the problem list, to the treatment plan, with the goals and problems paralleling each other as per the sample above.

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