Southern California Electricity Markets in The United States Paper

Find out status of Electricity market in USA using web resources and briefly
describe reasons for two states, where (and why) market operation has been
suspended? (1.5 pages max limit for answer)……
Problem 2
Choose one of the cases in last 10 years and why FERC has charged penalties for
market manipulation? (Search online for additional material other than below
links) (1.5-page max limit for answer directly addressing the reasons)…
Problem 3
Summarize your understanding for prerequisites needed to implement electricity
market in any regional electric system. (1-page max limit for answer)
Problem 4
Summarize your understanding of work scope for different possible operator’s desk
in a control center? (1.5-page max limit for answer)
Problem 5
Define multiple level of control for frequency, voltage and power balancing. How
are these managed in Electricity Market? What are the NERC reliability Standards
related to these? (2 pages max limit for answer)

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