solar system it is not alot I just provided lots of informaiton to compelte it correctly

by step teacher instruction on how to complete the assignment.

file is the teacher comments how to fix my paper do not change everything

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  1. Briefly explain how the Earth’s Moon, and

    entire universe
    , formed per the Nebular Theory demonstrated in the online animation in our online course material and discussed in our

    text book
    (pages 20-21, and 735-739). Be sure to explain everything in your own words – we are learning introductory geology and not trying to get our doctorates, so the writing does not need to be at a PhD level. Keep It Simple – think about how you would explain this to a friend. Just remember though, we still need to make sure that we use complete sentences, spell check and proper grammar, because it does need to be readable and make sense – we are in college. (6 points total)
  1. Briefly explain how the Earth’s Moon formed, per the “Mars-Sized Object Collision” concept discussed in our textbook (pages 740-742). Please note that the collision

    was with an object
    relatively the same size as the planet Mars for comparison purposes, but the collision was not actually with Mars. (6 points total)
  1. Provide 2 scientific reasons (

    facts/data), from our week 1 reading and online course material, that would support the Nebular Theory as the method of formation

    the Earth’s Moon. Remember, the universe as a whole formed via the Nebular Theory, therefore if we think about the Earth’s Moon forming the same way as the rest of the universe and Earth via the Nebular Theory, then wouldn’t Earth and its Moon have similarities? (2 points per reason; 4 points total)
  1. Provide 1 scientific reason that refutes the Nebular Theory as the method of formation

    the Earth’s Moon. Hint: Think about how the Earth and Earth’s Moon are different. (2 points total)
  2. Provide 2 scientific reasons that would support the “Mars-Sized Object Collision” concept as the method of formation

    the Earth’s Moon. This means that the universe and Earth still formed via the Nebular Theory, but that the Earth’s Moon formed via the “Mars-Sized Object Collision” concept – hence the Earth and the Earth’s Moon would have formed two different ways. Hint: If the two formed in different ways, then wouldn’t they have differences instead of similarities? (2 points per reason; 4 points total)

teacher comments To begin with there are no intext citations (-3 points) and the reference list is not APA format (check order of info, author info, and electronic versions used

(-2 points)

Then only question 1 about explaining the Nebular Theory was addressed – question 2 through 6 were skipped (-18 points)

Please be sure to take the proper amount of time to review the entire assignment and instructions, and make sure you complete everything before final submission


original question

Please view the Animation – Origins of the Solar System and Earth before working on this assignment. (See also summary of the hypothesis in your textbook. Note that this original hypothesis also includes talk of the origin of Earth’s moon.)

  1. Review what your textbook says regarding a second hypothesis about the origin of Earth’s moon.
  2. Compare the two hypotheses in a 1-page report.

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