societal norms.

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In a researched essay:

Consider a work situation or a social situation in which you believe that your right and ability to make a decision from free will was compromised by obstacles or rules or societal norms.

Answer the following questions:

Why do you think that free will was compromised?What led you to make the decisions and take the actions that you took?How did you resolve the differences between what you really wanted to do in the situation, and what the restrictions, rules, or societal conventions “told” you to do?How should people, in general, react to conflicting feelings about the actions to take in given situations?Should they follow the rules, or should they be free to pursue what they believe to be right, regardless of the rules?

Base your discussion and argument on what you have learned about free will, determinism, and other philosophical concepts. Use outside resources, from your reading materials, the library or elsewhere, to complete the assignment.

Use the APA document format to construct your paper, and be sure to follow guidelines for research citations and reference formatting

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