Social Learning Theory 

Final Project  5 to 6 page paper

The paper topic is “Childhood Obesity”

Comparing The Two Theories On the Topic “Childhood Obesity”

1. Albert Bandura- Social Learning Theory

2. Cognitive Learning Theory


Write a 5 to 6 -page paper  based on the comparison of two theories as they relate to Child Obesity choosing. The Final Project will consist of a 5- to 6-page paper (excluding the title page and references) that references at least four scholarly articles which include at least two unique articles for each theory you selected.

The topic of  Childhood Obesity, the two theories Albert Bandura Social learning theory and cognitive learning theory. The purpose of this Final Project Assignment is to provide  an opportunity to experience a real-world topic in developmental psychology and how theory provides a better understanding of the topic as it d deals with nature and nurture as well.

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