social beliefs & judgments

social beliefs & judgments

Assignment:social beliefs & judgments,

    1. behaviors & attitudes,
    2. conformity & obedience,
    3. persuasion,
    4. group influence,
    5. prejudice,
    6. aggression,
    7. attraction & intimacy,
    8. helping, or
    9. Social Psychology in the clinic or court.
  1. Include in your PowerPoint Presentation:
    1. Definition and topic overview.
    2. Define and describe 3 key terms or topics within the larger topic. For example if you picked “the self” as your overall topic, you could then present on self-esteem, self-serving bias, and perceived self-control.
    3. These terms can all be found within your book – use your book. Do not use direct quotes, rather understand the concept well enough to use your own words.  If a direct quote is absolutely necessary, please be sure to cite it using APA format.
    4. 3 research study examples (please find these outside of the textbook, use PsychInfo through NU Library to find peer-reviewed journal articles). For each article, include the following details:
      1. What was the hypothesis or research questions of the researchers?
      2. What did they do?
      3. What did they find?
      4. What are the implications for real world application?
      5. Be sure to uses citations when referring to your journal articles
    5. Include pictures throughout the slides (1 per slide if possible) and/or video clips (2-3 within the presentation) to enhance your presentation.
    6. The content on the PowerPoint Presentation should not be wordy, it should give main points and brief statements. You can expand on your points in the “notes” section of your PowerPoint Presentation if you feel more content is needed.


  • Length:  PowerPoint should include at least 15 slides (maximum 25).
  • Style:  Professional and not content heavy. For example use bullet points rather than write in full sentences when possible. (Write within the “notes” section of the PowerPoint to expand as noted in point f. above).
  • References:  Include citations throughout the PowerPoint (textbook and the three research articles).  Your last slide should be a list of references. Your citations and reference section should be in APA style.

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