soap note for patient with migraine headache

Please uploaded templete to create a patient with migraine headache. Please use chief complaint ” I have been having a head throbbing pain for two weeks off and on, but now it’s seems to be getting worse”. Make sure that the ROS relates to the finding of what the patient would report for symptoms of a migraine headache. The Physical exam should also relates to finding for the patient with migraine headache. You must include three differentials diagnose, with the correct ICD 10 code and the reason why you pick those based on the patient’s reports, and / findings from the phyical exam. Then used at least two- three evidence based guidelines to formulate a treatment plan, along with patient education. You must also include what labs, or imaging if any is needed. The phyical exam does not have to include all body systems, only one that is pertinent to what relates to finding the diagnose of headaches. Please remember that the uploaded is only an example and can be used as a templete to make the changes needed to fit the disease. And use APA format for references.

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