sexual addiction and diagnosis

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sexual addiction and diagnosis

Be sure to address the following in your assessment:

· Describe the purpose and key components of a thorough assessment.

· What formal instruments would be used?

· What questions might you ask? Why?

· How would you report the results of the assessment (organize the material) and how would you present the assessment to the client?

· How would you (or would you) share the results with any partner that the client may be with in treatment?

· What role has technology played in sexual addiction and diagnosis?

· What ethical issues would need to be addressed in the assessment process?

· Comment on your perception of whether we can accurately and effectively assess and diagnose sexual addiction.

Please use the vignette below for your mock assessment:

Jim is a 29-year-old Hispanic store manager. He reports having been depressed as an adolescent, but not treated at that time. His parents divorced when he was in elementary school. His mother has bipolar disorder and his father has obsessive-compulsive disorder. His younger sister struggles with her weight. Jim frequently argues with his family members and occasionally with friends and co-workers. Jim has never been able to maintain a monogamous relationship. He is addicted to cybersex and admits to currently cheating on his girlfriend. He reports difficulty with his sleeping, sometimes sleeping too much and sometimes not being able to fall asleep. He frequently goes driving in the middle of the night, when he is unable to sleep. He reports increased difficulty with concentration at work. He has admitted to cutting himself previously and he currently has scars. He has been on and off of prescribed medications and in and out of therapy for the past few years.

Length: 2-4 pages, not including title and references

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