session on Psychoanalytic Therapy

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session on Psychoanalytic Therapy

Directions: Your thread must indicate which question you are responding to at the top of your post. Threads must be 300-350 words and must include at least 2 references in current APA format. The answer presented in your thread must be similar in content and presentation to the discussions that would take place in a clinical/counseling team meeting. You must also demonstrate an understanding of the theory being discussed.

After reading the Case Summary of Helen and viewing the session on Psychoanalytic Therapy, choose 1 of the questions below to discuss. Begin a new thread when answering a question, and indicate which question you are responding to.
Respond to 2 students who answered a different question than your original post. Briefly explain why you agree or disagree with their views.

  1. Psychoanalysis helps the client to uncover and resolve unconscious conflicts and to strengthen the ego by redirecting energy to conscious processes. What methods does Dr. Donavan use to achieve this goal? How effective is it with Helen?
  2. Transference is a key aspect of psychoanalysis. Identify and discuss any instances of transference during the client’s interaction with Dr. Donavan.
  3. Dr. Donavan uses several interpretations throughout his session. This use is typical of traditional psychoanalysis. Identify 1 such interpretation, and describe why you think it was accurate or inaccurate.
  4. If you were counseling Helen from the Psychoanalytic framework, what additional technique(s) would you employ in the session? What would you hope to accomplish with this intervention?
  • Case_Study_Case_Summary_of_Helen1.pdf

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