Group Discussion Topic: Literature Review Self-Assessment

In the previous assignment, the Literature Review, you had the  opportunity to create and post a preliminary literature review. This  assignment provided you with the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery  of the following course competencies:

  • Plan how to develop the scholar practitioner identity within the discipline.
  • Support ideas and concepts with evidence from the literature.
  • Identify the qualities and skills of a scholar practitioner professional within respective disciplines.
  • Support ideas and concepts with evidence from the literature.
  • Apply academic communication skills in verbal and written interactions.

For this discussion, complete a  self-assessment of the Literature Review you just completed. Reflect on,  and discuss, how well you addressed the grading criteria for the  Literature Review:

  • Did you state the research topic using key concepts and the target population?
  • Did you identify, in one sentence, the key words used in your specialization database search, both singly and in combination?
  • Did you describe your search strategy including the  specialization database that you searched, why you chose it, changes to  the keywords you used, limits used in your search, your search  revisions, and rationale?
  • Did you assess the contribution of your chosen scholarly articles to the literature review for your research topic?
  • Did you include a reference list for your articles?
  • Did you use current APA format for citations and references in your paper?
  • Does your paper demonstrate professional and scholarly writing overall?

Following your self-assessment, provide an action plan for  improving your research and writing skills related to literature  reviews.

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