Secondary Doc Annotations + Visual

For this assignment, you will complete the preliminary steps for writing the data analysis of a contemporary ethical case. The final contemporary ethical case will cite a minimum of eleven references and include two visuals. You may include more references, but annotations are required for only five.

The Rationale for Secondary Documents
Although the inspiration for your case study should begin with the original article, you should not rely solely on the original article to imagine, explain, and analyze the ethical dilemmas that can be identified in your case. For example, an article may appear to be about immigration, but technology plays an important role in regulating and policing immigrants. You may also want to use articles about different subjects to help you reveal a new or surprising connection to your own. For example, you might read about how Facebook collects and uses user data to analyze how an company that manufactures autonomous vehicles might collect and use data.his may include peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters that offer a particular argument about one or more aspects of your case. If you are not sure what a secondary document is, please consult your professor or a librarian. For the purposes of this assignment, only social studies of science, technology, or medicine (i.e., documents written by historians, sociologists, anthropologists or philosophers about science, technology or medicine see (Links to an external site.)) count as secondary sources.

Visual Explanation
Explaining technical information in a way that connects with an audience is a skill and habit of a good engineer. Visual data can be far more effective than written or spoken language. To practice this skill/habit, create a visual that helps explain some aspect of your case. This may include utilizing open-access or creative commons images or clip art. If you are not sure what an open-access image is, please ask your professor or a librarian. Label this figure with a caption containing a brief paragraph describing the contents of the figure, and how it relates to your contemporary ethical case.

Submit the following:
1. Visual/ Figure
2. Annotation 1, 2, 3 ….5

    • Bibliographic Reference
    • Summary
    • Three bullet points They Say/I Say

    Writing an Annotation (150-200 words) One annotation should be approximately 150-200 words, including the bibliographic reference, paragraph, and three important points.Type the full bibliographic reference, in your preferred citation format, for this article or book chapter Use bullets to pull out three important points of scholarly argument and/or empirical data that help you to think about your research. VERY IMPORTANT: For each of these three important points, separate each bullet into two parts: what “They say” (e.g., a piece of data, a quote, a logical premise, etc. that you cite from the article) and what “I say” (your own assertion, original thought, or reflection about what they have said).

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