screening and diagnostic purpose


1. Which of the following aptitude tests is cited in your textbook as being most cost-effective in terms of predicting success in graduate school?

2. According to the text, a revision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act specifically states that

3. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

4. According to the text, the use of portfolio assessment in the schools

5. The K-ABC was designed to measure

6. As used in schools, diagnostic tests are designed to

7. According to the Close-Up in Chapter 10, a scholar from China would be most likely to criticize the American educational system for

8. A graphic representation of peer appraisal is referred to as

9. In addition to screening and diagnostic purposes, standardized educational tests are indispensable for purposes of

10. In the context of criticism of the untested nature of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), critics have pointed to the exemplary educational program in place in the State of ________, which could have served as a model for the CCSS program.

11. Which acronym is BEST associated with the work of Feuerstein?

12. The greatest value of preschool tests is their

13. For admission to college, you may be required to take a test published by the American College Testing Program (ACT). The ACT is what type of test?

14. A researcher uses the peer appraisal method to evaluate a group of students. The researcher may obtain assessment data by consulting

15. Critics of the Common Core State Standards have criticized the standards themselves for being

16. Curriculum-based assessment refers to the assessment of

17. Concern about content used in standardized achievement tests as opposed to what is actually being taught in the local schools has fostered interest in

18. The intra-individual comparison of psychoeducational test scores is used MOST for

19. For which of the following is The Woodcock-Johnson III recommended for use as?

20. A primary reason for administering an aptitude test is

21. According to your textbook, in China, once a child reaches elementary school,

22. The acronym for an achievement test designed for use with testtakers age 17 and over who have not completed eight years of formalized schooling is the

23. Critics have argued that the net result of federal mandates to improve students’ scores on standardized tests has been that

24. From the view from the East, in an individualist, competitive culture like the one that exists in the United States, students are expected to

25. An instrument used to identify which children should receive a more comprehensive evaluation is, MOST likely, a ________ instrument.

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