Science Technology and Society Questions

Science Technology and Society Questions

PLS properly referenced and enclosed in quotation marks if you use quotes from the lectures or the readings.

PLZ read the lecture notes I posted.

You can quote from the following reading list

Reading: Sergio Sismondo, Two questions concerning technology (An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, chap. 9).

Reading: Sergio Sismondo, The strong program of sociology of knowledge and Actor-network theory (An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, chaps. 5 and 6).

Reading: Thomas Hughes, Technology as systems, controls, and information (Human-Built World, chap. 4).

Reading: New York Times article on the global supply chain (following the Tohoku earthquake).

For Q 1 to 4, PLS write 250-400 words as a short answer for each

1. What are some of the problems with the claim that technology drives history?

2. Discuss some of the problems with the Sociology of Knowledge theory( the strong program) that lead to the development of Actor-Network-Theory.

3. What are some of the implications of the geological formation of petroleum,or crude oil?

4. What was the significance of the military-industrial complex in the rise of ” systems thinking” in the American context?

For Q5 and 6, PLS write 500-800 as a short essays for each

5. Using some examples describe the idea of social construction. How can we use the concept of social construction to discuss the relationships between technology, science and society.

6. Using the example of the history of petroleum production and usage, give an example of how er can discuss modern history from the perspective of technological determinism. what are some of the benefits and disadvantages to this?

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