role of psychology

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role of psychology

Topic 1

Organizational Behavior

This unit focuses on organizational behavior (OB) and the role of psychology in the workplace. Describe OB, and identify the major disciplines that contribute to OB. Identify a challenge and an opportunity in which a manager may have to apply OB concepts. Discuss how you would handle each type of issue in your own workplace. Minimum of 350 words for each topic with references from:

Organizational Behavior 18TH 19 by: Robbins, Stephen P. Edition/Copyright: 18TH 19

Topic 2

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is a common concern that occurs. Provide an overview of bullying in the workplace. Then, provide an example of a situation that involves bullying in the workplace. It could be a situation with which you are familiar or a hypothetical scenario. If you were the manager in this situation, what types of managerial roles, skills, or activities would you use to handle this type of issue?

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