Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Group Discussion: Research Topic Risk Assessment

Review the resources provided in this unit to learn more about risk  assessment in research. Then, complete the following questionnaire  regarding your proposed research topic:

  1. Please describe the proposed population for your study.
  2. Are you utilizing a vulnerable population or proposing research on an especially sensitive topic? Please explain.
  3. Are you planning to utilize existing data (i.e., data that is part of an existing data set)?
    1. Is the data highly sensitive or protected?
    2. Is the data publicly available? If the data is not publicly  available, is it part of a restricted (i.e., especially protected) data  set where access is strictly limited?
    3. Are there any contracts that would need to be negotiated as part of the process for obtaining permission to use the data?
  4. Identify where you plan to conduct your study.
  5. Are you proposing to utilize military, VA, or prisoner  participants or data? If so, please indicate how you are planning to  access this population or data. For example, are you planning to seek  permission from the military or VA?
  6. Are you proposing research at your workplace?
    1. Does this site represent a conflict of interest and/or place  you, as the researcher, in a dual role (for example, as a researcher and  teacher, or a researcher and counselor)?
    2. Please explain your response. If you identified a conflict of interest, how can you reduce or manage the conflict?
  7. Are you proposing research at Capella?
  8. Using the information above, please provide your perspective concerning whether your proposed research presents:
    1. A minimal risk to participants (i.e., the degree of risk presented by the research is no more than the risk encountered in daily life).
    2. A greater than minimal risk to participants (the degree of risk presented by the research is greater than the risk encountered in daily life). Explain.

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