Regulation of BRCA1 /2 mutation and it relationship to Breast Cancer

Regulation of BRCA1 /2 mutation and it relationship to Breast Cancer

My topic: Regulatory of BRCA1 and BRCA 2 mutation and its relationship to Breast Cancer.

You have to follow the instruction of research paper to write the paper. I have 2 papers from my friends( from the previous class) which you can read and lay on to get the idea to write for this paper. However, my topic is about BREAST CANCER ONLY( NOT ovarian cancer). I need a good GRAMMAR paper.

Figures or tables is not included in the paper, you have to put it in separated paper.

Instruction for research paper:

You will write a review article covering a particular of molecular science, one that involve the study of atoms and /more molecules. The area that you choose should be broad enough having a number of references (with different author, i.e. work done in several independent research laboratories), yet sufficiently narrow or specific so that you can effectively review this area of research on your paper. The article should be pedagogical, keeping in mind that the purpose of the article us to review the recent scientific literature.

The review paper should be written consistent with the ACS guidelines.

The REVIEW paper should contain: abstract, introduction, selected subtopics, conclusion (can include future studies section).

Abstract is less than 200 words

  • -The introduction must be 2 and half pages.
  • -The conclusion is analysis (not simply a summary) that can include future studies and must be at least 2 to 2 1/2 pages.
  • -References, figure legend AND FIGURE( and any tables with annotations) is not counted in paper( put it separated page)
  • -The review paper needs to be thoroughly and appropriately referenced( including complete titles in the listing of references), with imbedded citations referring to the articles, books, paper and other sources required to inform the reader.
  • -At least 20 references are to be cited with at least fourteen research articles. And all listing of references for research articles should be annotated by space followed by a bold lower-case r( ie. 1-21.r) AFTER the reference listing final period.

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