refugee health

Refugee Health Discussion

Review the resources and discuss the implications for the health of the refugees, health of people in the countries receiving the refugees, and the healthcare system by addressing the questions posed below.

1. If you were to go on a two week mission trip to a refugee camp

  • What do you think would be the major health concerns you would see?
  • From a holistic perspective, what other concerns would need to be addressed?
  • What interventions could you implement to keep the people as healthy as possible?
  • What concerns do you have about your own health and safety and how would you handle those concerns?

2. If 100 Syrian refugees were settled in your community

  • How do you think your community would respond?
  • How would the healthcare system be affected?
  • What would prevent the refugees from getting the necessary healthcare and what could be done to help them gain access?
  • What would you need to learn to provide culturally sensitive care?

Use the resources provided and additional references to support your views. Be careful as you look at resources to avoid bias.


Reference: One reference for information about refugee health – either health concerns, challenges in meeting the health, or health care initiatives to address refugee health

Identify three points to share with the group- this does not need to include everything you will share, but the major ideas and can be in bullet points

Assessment Rubric

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