PTSD in soldiers

PTSD in soldiers

The title and subject is the Social influence of PTSD in soldiers.

(Soldiers coming back from wars or tours also if there is supporting details the soldiers during the war as well).

I need a research paper 5 pages long not including Title, abstract and Reference page, so 8 in total with everything included.

5 References 2005 and older 

Also, I need a power-point to explain and show case my research paper that is 14 slides long or as long as possible but more than 12.

PowerPoint slides cannot be cluttered with more than five points or talking points.

The Research and PowerPoint must answer these questions and if you can please highlight or indicate where the answer is in the paper.

· The reason for conducting the research (how the author sees their research contribution to the literature) 

· Theories and hypotheses described in the articles

· Methods

· Results

· The broader relevance of the researc

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