psychological agitation

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Essay Question:

Many believe that adolescence is a period of heightened emotional and psychological agitation. G. Stanley Hall coined the term Storm and Stress when describing this perceived phenomenon. J.J. Arnett responded to this view in his article Storm and Stress Reconsidered (1999). Please write an essay, reviewing both G Stanley Hall’s position, as well as J.J. Arnett’s position on the topic. Your essay will include a history of the storm and stress view, an examination of 3 key aspects of this view, the role that individual differences and cultural variations and globalization play in storm and stress. Finally, you will end with your personal conclusion WITH SUPPORT from either Hall or Arnett.

Please follow the directions below as you build your essay.

As you organize your thoughts, consider this:

a) What was G. Stanley Hall’s impression of adolescence?

b)  Provide a history of Storm and Stress.

c)  Define Storm and Stress.

d)  What are the three key aspects of this view?

c) How does J. J. Arnett view adolescence?

Content AND format will be graded.  A single paragraph response cannot yield f

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