prosocial behavior

prosocial behavior

In the spirit of prosocial behavior, this is a chance for you to share your advice with future students. As you think back on the past 11 weeks of PSY105, what advice would you give to future students who take this class?

*** Under 100 WORDS ***

*** NO Doubled Space ***

Part 2:

Respond to a classmate below:

The advice I would give new students is to first have a game plan for your studies, don’t wait until the last minute to do your assignments take the course serious.  I would also advise them to make sure they take advantage of the bonus points provided. This course is going to help you understand yourself and others. You will learn why people act the way they do and what triggers behaviors in others. You will also learn about teenagers and how to understand them and the way their minds work which is great if you are a parent. One of the most important things is to never get behind on your work, stay current or work ahead but never get behind. Finally I would encourage them to utilize their resources like the web text, videos and etc.”

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