professional status

professional status

**Two-page 1000 words paper Based on your present academic and professional status**, you will consider possible career opportunities for yourself in the future. What kind of future work do you plan to do? If you are already working in the field of your choosing, consider the opportunities of advancement or growth in your career. What kind of professional credentials are required, or would be beneficial to have in order to allow you to do that kind of work? (Hint: There is probably more than one kind of professional credential that can allow you to do what you plan to do. List as many as you can.) Is there a governing body in your state or country that oversees the kind of professional credentials that you plan to acquire? Where would you find the information about this governing body, and about the requirements for the professional credentials? (Hint: there will likely be some web addresses that you can use as part of your answer.)  Address  the questions above. Be sure to*** include background information that explains your current academic and/or professional status. Share your chosen career plans and the path you will take to get there. ***

***Background Information***

1.) I’m pursing my bachelor’s degree in Crisis Counseling psychology I’m a full time college student.

2.) I want to work in Human services being a Qualified Mental Health Professional.


as a QMHP the education and experience requirements to qualify to register as a QMHP-C in Virginia? If you have (pick one):Master’s degree in psychology, social work, counseling, substance abuse, or marriage and family therapy from an accredited college or university, you need:To submit an official  transcript Evidence you have had an intern or practicum of at least 500 hours of experience with persons who have a mental illness. “Qualified mental health professional or QMHP” means a person who by education and experience is professionally qualified and registered by the board to provide collaborative mental health services for adults or children. A QMHP shall not engage in independent or autonomous practice. A QMHP shall provide such services as an employee or independent contractor of the DBHDS, the Department of Corrections, or a provider licensed by the DBHDS.

4.)  I will be pursing My Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling.

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