1. Part of your reading this week includes the short online article, Writing Essays. Be sure that your essay follows the mechanics of writing that is discussed in the article. In order to earn maximum points for this assignment, do not forget that in writing a complete and coherent paper you need to include an introductory paragraph (thesis statement and main points) and a concluding paragraph (summarization of the topics, along with a strong concluding statement).
  2. Include the following in your paper:
  • Focus on only two theorists and only one of the theorist’s main concepts for each discipline: (a) philosophy and (b) physiology (total theorists = 4; total concepts = 4). In other words, do not try to summarize all the relevant concepts and theorists of philosophy and physiology.
    • Important Note: Whenever possible, do try to apply the theorists concepts to real world experiences.
    • Do interpret the concepts of the theorists in your own words.
    • Do not use in your paper “quoted material,” unless absolutely necessary, to the point you are making.
  • Compare and Contrast the most significant influences to psychology in the areas of philosophy (Chapter 2) and physiology (Chapter 3).
  • Briefly, discuss the Zeitgeist (intellectual climate of the times, i.e, social, cultural, religious, political, educational, cultural influencing factors upon the theorists worldview).

Additional Instructions:

  • Remember to keep your focus narrow when discussing the theorists, only discussing the most important points of their theories and/or concepts.
  • Assignment should be approximately 750 words (3 pages) long and follow APA formatting style
  • Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced
  • You must include include citations from 2 sources in your textbook, both Chapters 2 & 3. If you use any additional outside sources you must cite these as well, however, additional sources is optional (i.e. journal articles, literature, videos).
  • Include both a title and reference page with your sources cited in your paper.
  • ComparingandContrastingtheTheoriesofbothPhilosophyandPhysiology.doc.pdf

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