Personality Test assignment

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Personality Test assignment

Create a test intended to diagnose whether a person has an anxious (clingy) or an avoidant attachment style.

An example of the Personality Test assignment would be your typical quiz that you can find in magazines. It could consist of, say, 20 questions that are designed to determine whether someone is avoidant or anxious (e.g., “do you like alone time?”). Then at the end, there would be a key. For example, if you answered “yes” this many times, then you have this particular attachment style, etc.

You are not required to have exactly 20 questions but it is a good number. Less may make it too superficial. More would be fine, too.

Don’t forget to include a key at the end. A key allows the person taking the test to find out which style of attachment they have.

There is no length-requirement for this assignment.

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