Palmer’s landmark

This week we covered chapter 3,4, and 5. The assignment is (Discussion post) about 250 -500 words (you don’t have to write a reference, if you do please use the one I have uploaded)

This week we started learning about memory, including memory reconstruction.  You read Loftus and Palmer’s landmark study on memory reconstruction.  Were you surprised by the results?  Why or why not?  What do the results suggest about the maleability of memory?  The second article surveyed experts in eyewitness testimony.  Overall, how do the experts feel about the accuracy of eyewitness testimony?  What is the role of an eyewitness expert?  If this survey were to be completed now, in 2018, what topics could/should be added to this survey and why?


1. 250 to 500 words

2. I have uploaded chapter 6,7 ,and 8 from the book “Cognition: Exploring the science of the mind” + 2 articles “Landmark Loft and Palmer (1974) study” + “On the General Acceptance of Eyewitness Testimony Research”

3. Please check the (Rubrics)



0-­‐1 2-­‐3 4-­‐5 6
Criteria Primary Post addresses few, if any, aspects of the assignment, and demonstrates

little to no


of the subject


Primary Post indicates that you may not have paid attention to the assignment’s Instructions or subject matter. The ideas presented in the post are not original or supported by course material. The post is largely

Based on your personal opinion and experiences.

Primary Post addresses most of the aspects of the assignment. The ideas presented in the post demonstrate some understanding of the academic subject matter. Your post is supported by incomplete, or anecdotal evidence. Your positing addresses all aspects of the assignment. The ideas presented in

The post demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of the academic subject matter. Your post is Supported by strong evidence from the course material.

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