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  • eview popular online newspapers and/or online magazines to look for articles on research studies. Look for examples of statements and claims that might reflect a spurious correlation or an extraneous variable.Note: This is not a library assignment, nor should you look for articles that already have reported a spurious relation or extraneous variable. You need to make this connection yourself. For instance, you might see a headline in a news magazine that states something like “Fast-Paced Children’s Television Programming Linked to ADHD.” Look for examples like this.
  • Identify one popular media example of a correlation that could be argued to be a spurious correlation or that illustrates a correlation that may have an extraneous variable.
  1. Briefly explain the example and the claim that has been made.
  2. Identify the predictor variable and the outcome variable.
  3. Identify the correlation. Is it a positive or negative correlation? How did you determine this to be the case?
  4. Identify your proposed spurious (third) variable or extraneous variable.
  5. Explain the connection you made among the spurious/extraneous variable and the outcome and predictor variables.

Notice the following about this assignment. There are four parts.

Within each part there are “sub-parts” which are indicated with lower case letters.

a, b, c and d. e. then, within each subpart, there are steps, indicated by numbers. please follow the step to complete the assignment.

WRITING ASSIGNMENT   (E) at the last of the instruction is 300 words. Please label all the your respond and don’t forget to submit as PDF as well

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