Online class

Online class

Answers should be baed on this webpage:

1. What was the general attitude of the people and the government of the US during the 1800’s towards nature? What is the manifest destiny?

2. Why did the Railroad companies hire artists? What were these artists trying to convey through the art? Describe the characteristics they included.

3. What was Thomas Moran’s main contribution to preservation of land in North America? What’s the difference between conservation and preservation?

4. Describe Thomas Moran paintings in your own words, which painting had the most impact on you and why?

5. What was the style that the early California artists like Granville Redmond followed, describe this style, what were they trying to capture?

Further reading- Read the article in the link below for your own interest OR read it and write a short summary and submit it at the end of this week’s Unit quiz submission for a few extra credit points (max. points possible =3).

We Must Change the Way We Look at the Natural World, Suzuki, Davis and Wright, EcoWatch, 6/28/16 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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