nursing research and evidence based practice

nursing research and evidence based practice

1. Read textbook chapters 1, 3, 4 and 6 . After reading the assigned chapters and reviewing the posted content for this week, think about the importance of research and evidence based practice to the profession of nursing.

Think of your own clinical practice – how could research or evidence based practice (EBP) impact your nursing care or the patients you care for? Support your statements with information from the readings and reference.

2. Concepts are the building blocks of nursing research and often seen in the title of a nursing research study. From the following concepts (coping, hope, self-efficacy, health promotion, chronic sorrow, loss, transition, and uncertainty in illness) identify at least 2 concepts that are relevant to the type of patients and families that you care for in practice. Describe why they are important to your practice and/or personally of interest.

PS: This assignment is for discussion board, so there’s no word count limitation. Less than 1 page is acceptable. The reviewing content are posted. Thanks.

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